Declaration of Purpose

The Northwest Preparedness Expo will be held on May 6th, 2017 in Prosser, Washington. There will be both educational speaker sessions and vendor booths on display.

Our goal is twofold: educate our local community of the value of preparation and to build camaraderie. We support education opportunities for our community and those wanting to be prepared for misfortunes that life presents. We aim to help prepare individuals for any personal misfortune, or natural disaster. In time, we hope to build on this; if one is prepared himself, then he is one step closer to being prepared to help others. We hope to regain a sense of local responsibility and preparation in the event of any situation that might overwhelm our community’s safety & well-being. That paints a broad portrait of our ultimate goal.

Ultimately, our objective is to create an annual event that will grow in scope and size - with each successive year building upon the previous year’s skills and goals. We wish to educate and encourage our local region to cultivate a sense of responsibility, community, and preparedness.