GlenTate has led an amazing life - and one that took a surprising turn. He grew up poor in the rural logging town of Forks, Washington. He worked hard to become a successful professional with a job in the political arena. Thinking he'd finally made it and everything was great, he was stunned to see how corrupt government is. From his observations at his job, he realized that America is collapsing and bad things are coming. Very soon. He began to prepare for him and his family to make it through the civil unrest of the coming collapse. That meant he had to return to his rural roots - quite a shock to his family and friends. Even more amazing was that he wrote down what he foresees happening during the collapse and it became a ten-book novel series published by Prepper Press, 299 Days.  

Speaking Presentation: 

Hillary did not win so should we all just quit prepping now?

Glen will gladly sign your copies of his 299 Days series books if brought to the expo.


Combat Veteran, Owner/Instructor CSG Inc, Overseas Government Contractor, Wilderness Medic. It has been my privilege to have trained literally thousands of personnel from all four branches of the military, special operations forces, federal agencies, police and responsible citizens, in firearms, tactics, survival and trade-craft. Combat Studies Group Blogspot

Speaking Presentation:

Community Security

As the owner and lead consultant of Strategic Landscape Design, Brian offers specialized design and consulting services focused on the enhancement of preparedness properties through the seamless integration of water features, alternative energy and food production systems with discreetly designed tactical positions. The integration of these key features provides the foundation for a sustainable and secure retreat/homestead property.

Brain is a licensed Landscape Architect with over 19 years of experience in the planning, design and construction industry. He is a graduate of Cornell University and a lifelong learner. Brian has a foundation of knowledge vital to designing and implementing the key aspects that are needed to establish a sustainable self-sufficient retreat/homestead. On each project, Brian utilizes a holistic approach by employing his formal training in the fields of design, permaculture, botany, soil science, hydrology, sustainability, and the use of deadly force. This is coupled with his practical experience in the areas of agriculture, animal husbandry, woodsmanship, wilderness survival, search and rescue, tactics, and personal defense.  

Speaking Presentation:

Tactical considerations and security features should never be an afterthought that are force fit into your retreat/homestead property at the conclusion of all your other efforts. They should be considered one of the foundations of your planning that are thoughtfully integrated into your property along with the other key components that support self-sufficiency and preparedness.

Attendees will be provided with an overview of how evaluation, planning, design, and implementation can be used to your advantage in order to help avoid, deter, and if necessary, repel threats to you and your family. Suggestions will be provided regarding security considerations and tactical features such as performing threat assessments, considering likely avenues of approach, creating fields of view and fire, integrating cover and concealment, establish egress routes and rally points, and more.

Lucinda is a Master Gardener and Certified Crop Advisor specializing in the cultivation of heirloom vegetables from seed. Her interest began as a teenager in Michigan where she grew produce in her backyard to sell to neighbors. She now spends her time traveling around the country attending shows and presenting seminars on gardening, seed saving and self-sustainable food production. At last count, her seed collection exceeded 1,000 different varieties! Lucinda and her business partner, Kurt Nauck, founded Texas Ready to help people become self-sustainable by providing for their family's nutritional needs. Hand-crafted in Spring, Texas, their Liberty Seed Banks are regionally configured and recognized thoughout the country as the very finest seed kits available. 

Speaking Presentation: 

Heirloom Seeds and Food Independence

Becoming food independent requires much more than a knowledge of how to grow vegetables. What is your family's annual caloric requirement? How can you extend your harvest through the lean months? Why is seed saving important and how do you protect the purity of your seed lines? What about perennials, orchards and protein?

Whether you are a homesteader or prepper, a lifestyle of self-sustainability is a noble and worthwhile objective. Food independence is a huge part of that, and Lucinda will discuss many of the considerations that must be taken into account in your plans to achieve that goal. Seeds, gardening, livestock and food preservation will all be discussed, as well as nutritional and volumetric considerations.

The Seed Lady is enthusiastic, funny and very informative - this is one seminar you won't want to miss!

John Jacob is a Desert Storm veteran who served with the Army's 5th and 3rd Special Forces Groups as a communications specialist, and he worked as a DoD contractor as a SERE instructor (among other things) for several years.  He is the voice behind the microphone of Radio Free Redoubt, and podcast and weekly radio show, and he is the Director of the nationwide disaster communications network, AmRRON

Please stop by the Radio Free Redoubt/AmRRON booth and visit with John Jacob before and after his presentation.

Speaking Presentation:

Introduction to Emergency Communications: Where to begin, and what are my options.

John Jacob Schmidt, founder and director of AmRRON (the American Redoubt Radio Operators Network) walks you through basic emergency communications, beginning with how and where to receive communications and which types, and then takes you through basic two-way communications.  You'll understand the basics of receivers (one way) to transcievers (two way) communications, including both licensed and unlicensed options.  If you want to know how to get started, don't miss this presentation.



Samuel Culper is a former military and contract intelligence analyst who spent three years in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He's now the Director of Forward Observer, an Open Source Intelligence service that provides threat intelligence for community security.

Forward Observer uses Open Source Intelligence, or OSINT, information to reduce uncertainty for our subscribers.  We describe the future of America one intelligence report at a time and better prepare our subscribers for this nation’s turbulent future."

Samuel Culper will be giving a lecture on intelligence and security topics for community security and preparedness. Please drop by the Forward Observer booth and visit with Samuel about more in-depth stuff and he will get everyone better prepared for the formal course on Sunday.

Speaking Presentation - May 6th, 2017

SHTF Intelligence


Sunday - May 7th, 2016
Join Samuel Culper on Sunday, 07 May at the Northwest Preparedness Expo in Prosser, WA.  Sam will be teaching a one-day version of the Advanced SHTF Intelligence Course, which includes a half-day of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and a half-day of Human Intelligence (HUMINT) gathering.

Advanced SHTF Intelligence Course (One-Day)

$125.00  includes a course handbook, all course materials, and a day of instruction. Must register and prepay prior to Expo.

To register for this course 


David is a residency trained Board-Certified Emergency Physician practicing in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to civilian practice, he spent 11 years as an Emergency Physician on active duty with the Navy. David’s interest in emergency preparedness began following eight years as a paid-call Firefighter/EMT in California before attending medical school. He has a special interest in the field expedient and emergency medicine in austere conditions.


Saturday - May 6th, 2016

Wound Care & Suture Technique Class
This class includes Handout and written material for the class, Take home Suture Set and Practice Sutures, New Suture Pad and Survival Suturing DVD.  

Must register and prepay online prior to Expo for Saturdays Suture Class with Dr. David Pruett: AMP-3 Suture Class  

Class is 2 hours long and cost is $95.00

This is a fun 2-hour hands-on educational introduction to wound care management in austere conditions where registered participants learn how to evaluate wounds, when and how to close wounds, and when not to close wounds.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Wound Irrigation

  • Steri-Strips & Butterflies

  • Skin Glue

  • Basic Suture Technique

  • How to Use a Skin Stapler

    Non-registered guests are welcome to listen, watch, and ask questions!

    Registered participants will take home a practice suture pad, instruments, practice suture, and printed class notes to continue practicing at home.



Patrice Lewis is a wife, mother, homesteader, homeschooler, author, blogger, columnist, and speaker. An advocate of simple living and self-sufficiency, she has written about and practiced self-reliance and self-sufficiency for over twenty years. She is a nationally-published author and contributor to numerous print and online magazines, including, Backwoods Home Magazine, Countryside, Grit, Home Education Magazine, etc. Patrice has been blogging since 2008, visit her popular blog, Rural- Revolution. She and her husband own a home woodcraft business.

Patrice is experienced in homestead animal husbandry and small-scale dairy production, food preservation and canning, country relocation, home-based businesses, homeschooling, personal money management, and food self-sufficiency. Patrice and her family live on a small homestead in north Idaho with a herd of Dexter and Jersey cattle, chickens, two dogs, and a cranky barn cat.

Patrice will be available for informal discussions on the subjects of rural living, homesteading, gardening, livestock, homeschooling, and much more at the speaker information table in the vendor tent.

Speaking Presentation: 

Introduction to Preparedness and Self-Sufficiency

Overwhelmed by the whole preparedness concept?  Sometimes it seems there’s far too much to do or learn or buy or prepare.  Rather than becoming paralyzed with fear or besieged by conflicting information, this workshop offers clear, concrete, simple steps to help you on your preparedness journey … without panic.


Kaery Dudenhofer is the the wife of one and the mommy of seven children and is the owner and founder of Kaery Concealed; a firearm education organization empowering families to defend themselves.  Kaery has been teaching for more than 25 years, holds many NRA instructor certifications, and regularly trains with nationally recognized instructors like Massad Ayoob, Clint Smith, Ed Santos, Tom Givens, Vickie Farnam, etc.  Kaery is a member of the Spokane Rifle Club Board of Trustees, and she founded and leads the Spokane Chapter of The Well Armed Woman.  Kaery teaches multi-state concealed carry permit courses, combat citizen workshops, and defensive firearm courses (utilizing SIRT technology and live fire) through out the Pacific Northwest.  Visit for more information.

Facebook Links:


Well Armed Woman @SpokaneTWAW

Saturday May 6th Speaking Presentations:

Strategies & Tools for Unarmed Defense —  During this free seminar, learn how to steer clear of potential threats, survive an attack, and how to use less-than-lethal defensive tools that work.  Through the course, participants will handle 5 different defensive “tools" and will learn how to use them effectively in a violent criminal assault.
Concealed Carry Options — Do you like the idea of having a handgun with you to protect yourself and those you love, but you aren’t sure how to do it safely, legally, and effectively?  During this free seminar, we will explore 10 concealable handguns along with the most preferred holsters and carry methods.
We will also introduce tips for effective concealed carry and help you select the most effective and reliable accessories which will ease your transition to concealed carry and make its integration into your daily life as smooth as possible.


Sunday May 7th Class - Must register prior to class, cost is $110

This is the EventBrite registration link for the Sunday course.

Her Shots - Women’s Handgun — Sunday, May 7th 1pm to 5pm
See for full course details
This is an entry level handgun course for the shooter with limited or no formal handgun training.  Through the course, students will learn firearm safety and solid gun-handling skills using both the S.I.R.T. Training Pistol (simulated laser gun) and live fire at the range.  Students learn safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; defensive ammunition options; Shoot-to-Live fundamentals and will have continued opportunities for skill development.  Students will be issued a course completion certificate that can be used when applying for an Oregon concealed carry permit (WA does not require a certificate).  Be prepared to be hugged, encouraged, and challenged by our all-woman instruction team.
Course fee $110.  Registration required.  Register at  
No prerequisites required.  
Students are required to bring:  
200 rounds of ammunition
handgun (if you plan on bringing a sub-compact pistol like the S&W Bodyguard or a snub-nose 38 special revolver, please let the instructor know by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
eye protection
ear protection
drinks and snacks for yourself
approproiate clothing for an afternoon on an outdoor range (there is no bad weather, only bad clothing) 
We will meet at 12:30pm at Expo site and then travel just a few miles to a private gun range.  



A fourth-generation resident of Eastern Washington, Matt is a cum laude graduate of the Gonzaga University School of Law and is an attorney in private practice. He earned a commission in the U.S. Army after completing the Gonzaga ROTC program. As a distinguished military graduate, Matt served combat tours in Bosnia and Iraq. He is a co-founder of the Washington Family Foundation, which later merged with the Family Policy Institute of Washington. Matt and his wife, Viktoriya, reside in Spokane Valley.

Gonzaga University – B.A. in History and Political science
Graduate, Gonzaga University School of Law

Distinguished Military Graduate, Gonzaga University Army ROTC
Platoon Leader, 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Company Commander, 1-161st Infantry, Washington Army National Guard (Iraq)

Bronze Star
Meritorious Service Medal
Rookie of the Year

Attorney, Casey Law Offices, P.S., Spokane, Washington

Lifetime Member,Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Member, American Legion
Allied attorney, Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), a nationwide network of attorneys dedicated to preserving religious freedom

Washington State Representative, serving since 2009




Rep. David Taylor was appointed to his 15th District seat in March 2009 and has served in the Legislature ever since.  

David is a graduate of Ellensburg High School and Central Washington University and is a former director of the Kittitas County Community Development Services Department.  He also served seven years as Kittitas County planning director.

In 2004, he opened Taylor Consulting Group, which specializes in land use, water and agriculture issues, policy development and government relations.

David currently serves on the House Environment and Appropriations Committee and is the Ranking Member on the House Local Government Committee.  He is known in Olympia for his unwavering commitment to less government, less taxes and more freedom for all Washingtonians.  His willingness to embrace “liberty and justice for all” has led him to work across party lines for the betterment of all Washington citizens.

David has pioneered drone legislation and other bills dealing with privacy issues that have served as a model in other states.  He has appeared in many national publications and other media in his efforts to promote personal liberty, privacy and freedom.

David and his wife, Molly, raise quarter horses on Taylor Angus Ranch and reside in Moxee with their children, Tiffany and Brock.

"Your homestead training and education resource in the American Redoubt."

Sean lives, with his family, on a working 40 acre homestead in Northern Idaho. He feels privileged and honored to work a piece of land in a regenerative way using permaculture design science as his methodology. Sean and his wife are passionate about helping others toward self-sufficiency by aiding them in property design, homesteading skills, permaculture, preparedness, protection, and liberty.

In 2014, after 25 years in the Marines, Sean promptly exited the rat race in order to live a more self-sufficient, agrarian lifestyle. In preparation for retirement, he took Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Design Course where he studied such topics as: methods of design, pattern understanding, climatic factors, water, aquaculture, soils, and earthworks. Sean loves taking the various elements of property: water, access, structures, energy, food production, and waste; and showing people how they work together in a synergistic way in order to make their homesteads more productive and resilient.

Sean has been married to Monica for 24 years and they have seven children who have all been homeschooled. They are part of the Idaho Master Forest Stewards Program and are active with the Bonner County Gardener’s Association.

Sean graduated from American Military University with Master’s Degree in Management and is a graduate from Marine Corps Command and Staff College with a Master’s Degree in Military Studies. For more info visit The Prepared Homestead.

Speaking Presentation:

Building a Self-Sufficient Retreat and Homestead

Ranger Rick has over 40 years as a Professional Emergency Service Volunteer.

Working in the Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management / Homeland Security, CERT,SAR,EMT-A ,Swift Water Flood Water Rescue ,Red Cross Disaster Teams and K-9/K-9 Medic, AmRRon; The American Redoubt Radio Operators Net Work, TAPRN CH 3 Project, KG7UTP

Ranger Rick has spent 39 years working with / for the government in and around the Dept. of Defense. Started in 1971 with 5th Grp SF, and as a military contractor in 2005/2010 training Spec Ops for Iraq, Afghanistan and Koksovo. Retired from Camp Atterbury In. In 2010.

Rick's objective is to keep his Community safe as well as his fellow responders thru continued training and teaching what really works in the field.The book/plan is a start when all is safe. In the field there is always something that comes up that is not in the book/plan. Get your head out of the box,come home alive and bring your team with you.

50+ years emergency / disaster services as a volunteer; Red Cross Disaster Teams / 1st aid instructor 40 years; Fire / EMS service, going on 40 years; Law Enforcement going on 18 years; Search and Rescue  going on 20 years; Swift water / Flood water Rescue 15 years; Emergency Management Agency 20 years' D.O.D. 5th Grp S.F. Airborne 39 years 7 months; Guest Speaker; Preparedness EXPOS, Radio shows, Community College Instructor, various Groups and Agencies requesting specialize Instruction.

Speaking Presentation:

Disaster Hygiene and Medicine

Kathy James has been teaching self-reliance classes since 2007 predominantly in southeastern Washington where she and her husband currently live. She is a mother of 6 and grandmother of 15. While Kathy jokes of “DIY” and “from scratch” having always been major components of her DNA, she sheepishly shares that until early in 2007 she didn’t know just how much she didn’t know about true self-reliance, and then quickly discovered that many around her knew even less. In 2007 she invited all who were interested, to join her as she researched, experimented, and tweaked. She was, “both blind-sided and humbled at the response.”

Kathy’s original desire was to know that she would be capable of providing a variety of nutritious meals for those she loves during unexpected, challenging times and to help others be able to do the same. As a natural sequence, the concept of self-reliance quickly broadened into arenas beyond an “expanded pantry.”

In 2007 she started a series of classes titled, “So… what do I with all this stuff? And, can I do it less expensively?” The series started with a variety of classes specific to Food Storage; later adding “Water & Sanitation” (a dangerously overlooked topic), “When the Lights Go Out,” “Dehydrating for Long-term Storage”, “Finger-Tip Gardening (sprouts & micro-greens),” and others. Her classes are known to be high energy - always including a few good laughs.

Speaking Presentation:

“Family Home Storage 101-301… Why, What, Where, How much, & How-to.”  A ”Show & Tell” class, including demos of lesser-known storage techniques. Attendees will be able to sign-up to receive extensive notes and notifications of future classes via email.

Trained CERT Trainer, General HAM License, Proficient Handgun and Rifle Marksman (or woman, if you prefer), Certified Master Gardener, Certified Mittleider Gardener, Certified Raw Food Chef, Instructor in Sewing, Cooking, Piano, Vocal and Dance

Rev Linda Mackey B.S., M.A., C.R.

Along with a bachelors and masters degree in education, Linda also obtained a doctorate degree in complimentary medicine and now teaches lifestyle food alternatives and reflexology. She is a licensed/certified reflexologist, a certified teacher in the state of Washington and a minister. She received her certification from the International School of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy whose mother school is based out of South Africa and is a teacher/trainer for the school.

As Linda has been volunteering her time to The Natural Maximum, Inc., for approximately 16 years, she has reached many upper and lower valley residents, some who have been with her over 10 years. She performs and teaches reflexology, lifestyle changes in food, and chemical avoidance.

Linda is an exemplary teacher and has many awards to this effect. She graduated from Western Michigan University with honors and high honors from Clayton College of Natural health. She is a published author in nutrition and health and has spoken all over the U.S. and Canada to over thousands of people, through personal appearances and over 200 radio shows.

Speaking Presentation:

Herbal Medicine

Linda will be presenting information and resources for foods, herbal medicine, homeopathics and literature for your library. In hard times it may be difficult to get pharmaceuticals and other M.D. advice.  Linda's information may help you through these times and the present so you can build a strong body so the stress of these times don't extinguish your hope.

After the conclusion of the NW Preparedness Expo, please join Jordan Page in concert on the expo grounds at 22202 N Hinzerling RD, Prosser, WA.  At 6:30pm there will be a commissioning of the youth to the cause of liberty, followed by Jordan Page’s music.  Concert attendees need not pay the Expo ticket charge, though donations to Jordan Page are strongly encouraged.

Jordan Page is an American recording artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the US.  He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government.  His lyrical poetry is as poignant as it is spiritual, and is matched only by his incredible guitar skills.  Jordan has headlined at hundreds of political events since 2008 and is known as a leading voice of liberty in America.   Jordan shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 18 times on the presidential campaign trail including the Revolution March in 08′, the Iowa Straw Poll in 11′, and the Sun Dome Rally in Tampa at the RNC in 12′.  He has performed live on CSPAN numerous times at major events as well as television programs including Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano and FOX Strategy Room. Jordan is the host of a popular internet radio show “Page Against the Machine,”  and is also a regular guest on political talk shows including Huffington Post Live, Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock.  He was listed by the Washington Post as the most popular artist among Ron Paul supporters in 2012 and his fearless and iconic anthems Liberty, Message of Freedom, and Pendulum continue to inspire freedom-loving people to stand up against corruption and immoral wars.