Ranger Rick has over 40 years as a Professional Emergency Service Volunteer.

Working in the Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management / Homeland Security, CERT,SAR,EMT-A ,Swift Water Flood Water Rescue ,Red Cross Disaster Teams and K-9/K-9 Medic, AmRRon; The American Redoubt Radio Operators Net Work, TAPRN CH 3 Project, KG7UTP

Ranger Rick has spent 39 years working with / for the government in and around the Dept. of Defense. Started in 1971 with 5th Grp SF, and as a military contractor in 2005/2010 training Spec Ops for Iraq, Afghanistan and Koksovo. Retired from Camp Atterbury In. In 2010.

Rick's objective is to keep his Community safe as well as his fellow responders thru continued training and teaching what really works in the field.The book/plan is a start when all is safe. In the field there is always something that comes up that is not in the book/plan. Get your head out of the box,come home alive and bring your team with you.

50+ years emergency / disaster services as a volunteer; Red Cross Disaster Teams / 1st aid instructor 40 years; Fire / EMS service, going on 40 years; Law Enforcement going on 18 years; Search and Rescue  going on 20 years; Swift water / Flood water Rescue 15 years; Emergency Management Agency 20 years' D.O.D. 5th Grp S.F. Airborne 39 years 7 months; Guest Speaker; Preparedness EXPOS, Radio shows, Community College Instructor, various Groups and Agencies requesting specialize Instruction.

Speaking Presentation:

Disaster Hygiene and Medicine