"Your homestead training and education resource in the American Redoubt."

Sean lives, with his family, on a working 40 acre homestead in Northern Idaho. He feels privileged and honored to work a piece of land in a regenerative way using permaculture design science as his methodology. Sean and his wife are passionate about helping others toward self-sufficiency by aiding them in property design, homesteading skills, permaculture, preparedness, protection, and liberty.

In 2014, after 25 years in the Marines, Sean promptly exited the rat race in order to live a more self-sufficient, agrarian lifestyle. In preparation for retirement, he took Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Design Course where he studied such topics as: methods of design, pattern understanding, climatic factors, water, aquaculture, soils, and earthworks. Sean loves taking the various elements of property: water, access, structures, energy, food production, and waste; and showing people how they work together in a synergistic way in order to make their homesteads more productive and resilient.

Sean has been married to Monica for 24 years and they have seven children who have all been homeschooled. They are part of the Idaho Master Forest Stewards Program and are active with the Bonner County Gardener’s Association.

Sean graduated from American Military University with Master’s Degree in Management and is a graduate from Marine Corps Command and Staff College with a Master’s Degree in Military Studies. For more info visit The Prepared Homestead.

Speaking Presentation:

Building a Self-Sufficient Retreat and Homestead