Kathy James has been teaching self-reliance classes since 2007 predominantly in southeastern Washington where she and her husband currently live. She is a mother of 6 and grandmother of 15. While Kathy jokes of “DIY” and “from scratch” having always been major components of her DNA, she sheepishly shares that until early in 2007 she didn’t know just how much she didn’t know about true self-reliance, and then quickly discovered that many around her knew even less. In 2007 she invited all who were interested, to join her as she researched, experimented, and tweaked. She was, “both blind-sided and humbled at the response.”

Kathy’s original desire was to know that she would be capable of providing a variety of nutritious meals for those she loves during unexpected, challenging times and to help others be able to do the same. As a natural sequence, the concept of self-reliance quickly broadened into arenas beyond an “expanded pantry.”

In 2007 she started a series of classes titled, “So… what do I with all this stuff? And, can I do it less expensively?” The series started with a variety of classes specific to Food Storage; later adding “Water & Sanitation” (a dangerously overlooked topic), “When the Lights Go Out,” “Dehydrating for Long-term Storage”, “Finger-Tip Gardening (sprouts & micro-greens),” and others. Her classes are known to be high energy - always including a few good laughs.

Speaking Presentation:

“Family Home Storage 101-301… Why, What, Where, How much, & How-to.”  A ”Show & Tell” class, including demos of lesser-known storage techniques. Attendees will be able to sign-up to receive extensive notes and notifications of future classes via email.

Trained CERT Trainer, General HAM License, Proficient Handgun and Rifle Marksman (or woman, if you prefer), Certified Master Gardener, Certified Mittleider Gardener, Certified Raw Food Chef, Instructor in Sewing, Cooking, Piano, Vocal and Dance