Lucinda is a Master Gardener and Certified Crop Advisor specializing in the cultivation of heirloom vegetables from seed. Her interest began as a teenager in Michigan where she grew produce in her backyard to sell to neighbors. She now spends her time traveling around the country attending shows and presenting seminars on gardening, seed saving and self-sustainable food production. At last count, her seed collection exceeded 1,000 different varieties! Lucinda and her business partner, Kurt Nauck, founded Texas Ready to help people become self-sustainable by providing for their family's nutritional needs. Hand-crafted in Spring, Texas, their Liberty Seed Banks are regionally configured and recognized thoughout the country as the very finest seed kits available. 

Speaking Presentation: 

Heirloom Seeds and Food Independence

Becoming food independent requires much more than a knowledge of how to grow vegetables. What is your family's annual caloric requirement? How can you extend your harvest through the lean months? Why is seed saving important and how do you protect the purity of your seed lines? What about perennials, orchards and protein?

Whether you are a homesteader or prepper, a lifestyle of self-sustainability is a noble and worthwhile objective. Food independence is a huge part of that, and Lucinda will discuss many of the considerations that must be taken into account in your plans to achieve that goal. Seeds, gardening, livestock and food preservation will all be discussed, as well as nutritional and volumetric considerations.

The Seed Lady is enthusiastic, funny and very informative - this is one seminar you won't want to miss!