Storm Pump LLC was formed by Fred B. Houck and Terry Deal to design and produce The Storm Pump in 2012. The mission is and was to develop an emergency backup for water well pump systems that we could recommend to customers.

Fred has been in the water well production industry for over 40 years (since 1973). His principle job has always been to act as the customer's personal representative from the drilling company. He picked the well site, wrote the contract, estimated costs for both customer and company, selected the drill crew and scheduled the project, and watched the results with the customer during drilling on more than 4000 wells to this date.

Terry has owned and operated Deal Pump and Electric, Inc, for the last 30 years. He is a well known professional in North Idaho as both a pump company owned and journeyman electrician. He is the designer and builder of the Storm Pump. Fred's function was to push and prod and "sharpshoot" the design with "too complicated", "not strong enough", "not efficient enough", "needs too much maintenance", "not foolproof yet", and other "helpful comments".

During our careers we had been asked many times for a good manual backup for power outages. Customers wanted a hand pump that could be installed in addition to the main electric system and left on the well permanently. In all of our years in the industry we had been unable to recommend one. There were too many flaws.

We believe we have succeeded in our mission and are proud to present The Storm Pump® to well owners.