We live in interesting times as the saying goes. The economy is struggling just as it did during the years of FDR. The threats directed against our nation are greater and more complex than ever before. Our society has become dependent on technology to operate. What if the “just in time” processes that we all depend on today isn’t good enough? So many of the problems that we face are beyond our control and occur without warning that many of us have begun to take steps to reduce the risk to our families and loved ones.

Survival Stores is an application for your Mac or Windows computer* that can help you plan and manage anything from a 3 day food supply to multiple years of food and equipment for a large family/group. You can also manage medical supplies, tools, movies, and a library. This tool provides a series of functions, each easy to operate, which work in concert to formulate action plans, make sensible and orderly purchases and integrate them into a comprehensive and robust asset management system that is affordable for any family that desires to actively get prepared.

The time to act is now while you can make sound decisions without the stress of a crisis hanging over your head. “Get organized, get supplied, get ready!”