Never a dull moment!

Our sharpeners are lightweight portable pocketable tools. They have the ability to sharpen all kinds of different blades. Perfect for the hunter, the gardener, in the kitchen, workshop, automobile, or in your pocket where you can find it!

Do you have a collection of knives and tools at home that are too valuable to throw out, but you don’t really use them because they are dull?

Dull tools are not only frustrating, but they can be more hazardous than a sharp one. Doing some pruning with a dull set of pruners is no fun. Yet the same job with a pruner that is nice and sharp and cuts easily can be a rewarding job.

The Handy Sharp tool can sharpen dozens of different types of blades. Not only that, it is small, light weight, and easily carried in a pocket or purse. It is also inexpensive enough so that you can have one in the kitchen, in the work shop, in your tool kit, fishing tackle box, hunting lodge, garden shed, bug-out bag or you name it!

Handy Sharp Tool, knife sharpeners, knives and small accessory bags will be available at our booth.