One of the best things about getting a Portable Storage Container from Simple Box is that you don’t have to come to us for storage, we bring it to you… wherever you are! We can get the Shipping Container you want delivered practically anywhere in Washington State and north Idaho. 

We know how complicated home renovations, building projects, and dealing with excess inventory can be. Renting a Container from Simple Box can help you cut through the clutter by providing instant space right where you need it.

Your portable storage unit can be delivered right to your home or job site. It’s the mini-storage that comes right to you, making it the most adaptable storage solution on the area.

People who buy a shipping container or conex from Simple Box do so because it is generally more cost effective and much faster than building a warehouse or shed. Because we have a diverse inventory of shipping containers for sale (with a wide variety of colors, conditions and options) you can pick the Box you want and often have us deliver your container to you within 24 hours. You are able to have your portable storage needs solved in a hurry and for a reasonable price.