RESEP™ specializes in emergency preparedness solutions for homeowners and renters. 

Have you thought about putting together an emergency kit for your home but felt unsure about what to include, concerned about the cost and overwhelmed by the time that it might take to put one together? At RESEP™ we have taken the guess work out putting an emergency kit together, at a reasonable cost and it will only take you the time it takes to place an order.

Our kits are designed to provide enough food, water and emergency supplies for 3 or 6 days and are designed as a component system. You start with our Adult or Child 3 or 6 day eBucket™ and for each additional 3 days for which you would like to be prepared you can order the Adult or Child 3 Day eBucket™ Extension.

Emergencies and disasters can and will occur, large or small. Think of owning an emergency preparedness kit much like having insurance, it provides peace of mind and is there when you need it.

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